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Booking Self Ship via the ARTA Dashboard

How to use ARTA Self Ship

With this new quote type, we have expanded our coverage to support clients who would prefer to pack their own inventory but book common couriers, like FedEx, DHL, UPS, through ARTA. This service is currently in BETA and available for intra-US shipments only. International Self Ship coming in 2022.
If Self Ship is activated on your account, when you submit a Quote Request, you’ll receive an additional service tier, “Self Ship.” These quotes are only for Parcel transportation and do not include costs for packing. We’ll quote out 3 delivery speeds, and we’re currently offering this quote type for works valued up to $25,000.00. Insurance is currently not available on this service type.
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Once booked, the origin contact will receive a shipping label via email. ARTA will recommend a packing type for every package that is determined by the objects being shipped. Should our packing predictions differ from how you would like to release the work, we expect that you contact us immediately. Once packed you can either drop off at a local store, or organise collection directly with courier (within 1 week). ARTA Tracking and Notifications will be triggered as usual. 

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Please note that during the BETA phase, ARTA may choose to update eligibility criteria for various attributes of the shipment including object type and value. We may also choose to update the cost of the service and the Client and ARTA Admin workflows. We do not guarantee a full release of the beta product or any timing of a full release.