How do I book insurance? How can I tell if insurance is included?

ARTA Transit Insurance is an optional add-on service for any shipment, but must be actively requested or declined when booking through ARTA Instant Quote or within the Custom Request Form. 

Adding insurance 

For Custom Quotes: ARTA Transit Insurance must be requested when filling out the custom request form. If requested, the insurance cost will be itemized on your quote. If you do not see if listed, it has not been included. If you change your mind after submitting your request and would like to add insurance, you can always hit "edit" in the top right corner of the request page and change your selections. If you had already received quotes for your shipment, you will receive new quotes with insurance added. 

For Instant Quote: you must actively request or decline insurance during the booking process. If you change your mind after booking a shipment without insurance, please reach out as soon as possible. Insurance cannot be purchased after the shipment has been collected.