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How do I configure email notifications?

ARTA Emails provide shipment milestone updates to relevant parties (as determined by each organization). These tracking updates are meant to keep parties informed on shipment status.


How to set up email notifications

Under the Hosted Products tab, you’ll be able to set Rules and assign Subscribers. 

Email Rules enable an Organization to configure which ARTA emails are sent to their Origin and Destination contacts (so ARTA can handle scheduling pick and delivery!) Email rules can not be configured per shipment. 

Subscribe to ARTA Notifications (like Shipment Delivered) to be automatically updated at significant milestones.

Email types

Below is a list of the emails we provide. Rules and subscriptions can be set at the email level.

Payment Received
Delivered when ARTA receives payment through the ARTA-hosted checkout page. Generally delivered to the payer.

Booking Confirmation
Delivered when a shipment is confirmed by an ARTA team member. Generally delivered to the Destination contact.

Collection Scheduled
Generally delivered to the Origin contact when the collection has been scheduled in order to communicate timing confirm origin location details.

Shipment Collected
Delivered when objects are collected by a shipping partner for packing and/or transport. This update is commonly available on Parcel shipments and less common for Select and Premium shipments.

Shipment In Transit
Delivered once a shipment is en route to its final destination. This update typically includes estimated delivery dates and may include additional online tracking details provided by the shipping partners.

Shipment Completed
Delivered when a shipment has been delivered to the destination location.

Shipment Schedule Update
Delivered if a shipment delivery schedule is updated.

Shipment Cancelled
Delivered when a shipment has been canceled.