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How do I request a quote?

To receive a quote, please click the “Create Quote Request” button towards the top left of your dashboard. ARTA is able to provide instant quotes for the majority of requests that come through our system.

To receive a quote, users only need to provide basic shipment details:

○  Origin and destination postcode + country

○  Object type, value, and dimensions

However, in order for a Quote Request to be bookable, users must include exact addresses and location contact information. We recommend the following best practices when requesting a quote:

  • Include reference fields for easy lookup at a later date
  • Expanding the list of object types and current packing for more accurate quoting

Additional services, such as double-blind BOLs and condition reports, can be requested and included in your instant quote.

If we are unable to return an instant quote, please submit a custom quote request and our team will provide a quote for you in 24-48 hours; please allow 48-72 hours for any international or oversized requests.