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What are the differences between the quote types available via Instant Quotes?

ARTA has three service tiers to be able to adequately service clients selling any item—regardless of size, material, location, or price point. 

ARTA Parcel

Collection and custom secure packaging and handling for final delivery via common parcel carriers including FedEx, DHL or UPS.

This service is ideal for design objects, small artworks up to 100k, collectibles, and antiques.

ARTA Select

Consolidated LTL middle mile transit options with white glove handlers at collection and delivery offering packaging and placement services.

This service is ideal for larger outdoor sculptures, and lower value furniture. 

ARTA Premium

Specialized fine art transport with climate control, dual driver, air ride trucking and trained technicians offering comprehensive on-site services.

This service is ideal for fine art, fragile, and high value items.