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What is a Custom Request and how do I submit one?

A Custom Request allows you to submit job specifications that are beyond the scope of what can be included in our instant quote request. For example, if a client has a specific timeline for a project, has collection and delivery date requests, has very specific packing requirements or a complex install, has multiple collection locations, or if our system for some reason cannot return an instant quote and the request is disqualified; all of these scenarios would require a Custom Request. 

To submit a Custom Request, a client must go through the normal quote request flow. Once a request has been submitted and a quote is available, an "Action" button can be found towards the top right of the dashboard when reviewing a quote. Click the button, and then click on "Custom Quote". A pop-up will prompt you to enter the specific details of your request (see below), and you will receive a new quote within 24-48 hours in your dashboard. Please note that all Custom Requests must be "bookable", meaning that complete addresses for collection and delivery as well as contact details are required