What has ARTA done to comply with GDPR?

ARTA worked diligently to ensure we are GDPR-compliant. This included reviewing how we store and use data about our Users and Third Parties. Some of the key things we have done include the following:

  • Updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to be more transparent about our use and treatment of data. These updates include the addition of Data Processing Agreement (DPA) provisions, which you can read about here.
  • Implemented internal processes to comply with EU data subject rights.
  • Made it clear how our Users can manage their personal data
  • Made necessary product changes to ensure compliance with the new regulations.
  • Appointed a Data Protection Officer to help our Users with any requests or questions about their data. Our DPO can be reached at privacy@arta.io.
  • Provided our Users with the information they need to be GDPR compliant. ARTA has supplied this information as a resource, but we don’t offer legal advice. We recommend you contact your legal counsel to find out how the GDPR affects you.