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What is Customs Control?

What does it mean when you see Customs Control on your quote request?

Firstly, if the goods were created within Europe, this means the goods are in Free Circulation.
If at some point the goods were imported into Europe from outside the EU, there is a possibility they are under customs control. 
When importing goods into Europe, VAT and Duty is due based on the value of the goods. VAT and Duty rates vary based on the country of import and item classification. For example, if importing artwork into the UK, VAT is payable at 5% of the CIF value, but there is no duty applicable.
If an importer brings works into the UK for a show, exhibition or long-term storage, they have options to import under Temporary Admission or Customs Bond. There are two main types of import without incurring duties and taxes: Temporary Admission (TA) and Bond. When a work has been imported in this manor, it can be referred to as having been imported under "Customs Control".
ARTA Advice: Confirm with the exporter first before requesting a quote from ARTA, as Customs Control items can affect costs.
For more information, please follow this link: What is Free Circulation, TI/TA and Bond?