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What is the status of my shipment?

How to access shipment status and tracking.

Shipment tracking is one of the biggest pain points that our clients are looking for help with, particularly because there are no automated tracking updates available today when it comes to fine art shipping. On the one hand, carriers transporting high-value goods don’t necessarily want to broadcast their real-time location to the world. But on the other hand, it's reasonable for clients to want some insight into when they will receive their order. To solve for this, ARTA uses a combination of shipment milestones, delivery dates, and tracking links for common carriers to help our clients and their buyers track their shipments and understand when they’ll receive them.  
All shipments include delivery dates and clients are provided updates when the objects are collected, when they’re in transit, and when they’re delivered. Additionally, all Parcel and some Select shipments include tracking links to the carrier’s online tracking.  

Tracking insights are available via the ARTA Dashboard: all shipments have a tracking page that provides end-users with updates. They are also available via our API, which allows clients to display tracking details on order details pages on their sites. In both scenarios, we have built webhooks and email notification systems so that our clients can ensure all relevant parties receive email notifications as key updates occur.